We are happy to announce that on December 1st, 2020, we will be making major changes to the reward structure of our products. Currently available Solaris Savings and Solaris Reward Program will combine to create Reward Savings, an easy to participate savings program, available directly through Txbit exchange, with the combined benefits of both programs! Not only will you gain interest on your locked Solaris, you will also receive a share of the Trading Fees generated on Txbit exchange.


Cold Staking
about 7% per year

Cold Staking allows you to safely store the coins in your wallet while a separate always online Hot Wallet stakes the coins, meaning you don't have to keep your wallet open to stake Solaris. The Hot Wallet has no access to your coins and you can withdraw coins your Cold Balance to any address at any time.


~ 5% per year

5% for half year or 17% per year

Lock your Solaris coins for a set period of 6 or 12 months, and receive guaranteed returns at the end of the lock period! By utilizing the enterprise infrastructure of Txbit, and the safety of Cold Staking, you can feel at ease knowing that your funds are not only safe, but growing each day! Solaris Savings is available through Txbit.


17% for one year or

5% for six months

Reward program

Solaris is the first cryptocurrency which enables a secondary layer of rewards for actively staking Solaris. All Staking address, including Cold Staking, are eligible to receive 50% of the Net trading fees from, after costs and expenses.


The Solaris team is looking for a new exchange listing for Solaris. Several options are considered, but all options require us to pay a listing fee. This is where we ask for your help in the form of a donation. With your donation, we would be able to pay for a listing on a new exchange.

Which exchange we will get listed on depends on how much funds we manage to raise through this fundraiser. The more funds we collect, the better the exchange that we will get listed on.

The Solaris team will donate 0.03 BTC out of their own pockets. That should be a good beginning of this fundraiser. Hopefully, we can raise a fair amount of Bitcoin to get listed on the exchange where Solaris deserves to be listed.

Please send your Bitcoin here: 1XLRn4QDVbM2vXK1SnMV5VWQBAoNwZBd2


Solaris core is a full node wallet which allows you to send and receive XLR coins. It downloads the Solaris blockchain and allows you to Stake Solaris with any amount you may have. Staking validates transactions and writes blocks to the blockchain while getting rewarded for each block you mine.

An easy to understand and modern interface for all XLR transactions.


You can easily buy and sell Solaris on the following exchanges. Did you know that you can also buy Solaris with a great variety of FIAT currencies like Euro and US Dollars?